Friday, April 2, 2010

Classics Challenge

So I know that I have a lot of catch-up blogging to do, but I have become a bit of a bookworm since moving to Arizona. A friend of mine joined an online reading challenge, so I decided to join in as well. To learn about this challenge and join go HERE.

I actually challenged myself to read 'the classics' awhile ago. Because, though I wasn't able to attend school at the time, I still wanted to be educating myself. I usually feel very enriched by reading some of the classics. I have also been struck by how many of these books have influenced culture and society today. I thought it was interesting that they had a list of 'future classics' for a bonus read. I am going to share some of my recent reads that I consider to be classics (or if they are on the 'future classic' list) and would love to hear some suggestions for classics I should get in for this challenge.

Recent Classic Reads:
*The Woman in White *The Count of Monte Cristo *The Jungle *The Odessy *The Hiding Place *To Kill a Mockingbird *1984 *The Great Gatsby *Animal Farm *Beowolf *Canterbury Tales *Othello * Treasure Island
And some of my recent reads that are on their 'future classic list that I highly recommend:
*The Life of Pi *3 Cups of Tea *The Atonement *1776 *Girl with the Pearl Earring *Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

Suggestions from anyone????

The goal is to read 6 classics before October 31st of this year. Plus a bonus future classic if you want. My six right now are (subject to change)

1. Frankenstein - I keep seeing this on classics list, but it seems so strange to have it on there. I'm very curious about it now.
2. Fahrenheit 451 - I already own it, so I have no excuse
3. Huckleberry Finn - Same deal, I already have it but haven't read it yet
4. A Tale of Two Cities - I just have yet to read anything by Dickens and it is a shame.
5. Pride and Predjudice - Cliche I know, but it is my favorite movie, and I really should read the book.
6. Alice and Wonderland - My girls have recently become obsessed with this movie and I would like to see what the book is like.
*I also would like to do the 'school classics' like Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, etc but I'll get to it someday.
Bonus: I'm not sure. I am thinking of reading 'A Town Called Alice', I have had it recommended like a classic, but I am not sure if that is the full title or not. I am open to suggestions.
I challenge all of you to join in the challenge and chat with me about books!!!!